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Andrew Sheinman


Andrew left his hometown of London at age 19 to pursue a career in men’s fashion in New York City. His entree into the world of interiors came in 1984 when the Westbury Hotel on Madison Avenue hired Andrew to design 5 of their hotel rooms. Andrew accepted the challenge, with no formal design training, but a creative eye and inherent business acumen. The scope of the project quickly grew to 300 rooms, as Andrew's talent for creating inventive, striking and functional high-end interiors was realized. From this project, Pembrooke & Ives was born.
Since founding Pembrooke & Ives in 1987, Andrew and his team of 60 designers have completed more than 500 design projects, from private residences, boats and jets for some of the world’s most influential celebrities and CEOs, to the interiors of residential towers across New York City.

Over the years, as his company has grown, Andrew has strived to maintain a uniquely artisanal approach to his work. He blends different influences, from Wiener Werkstatte to Art Deco to the Arts & Craft movement and Minimalism. He has always been fascinated by how the tactile, the geometric and the ergonomic can fuse into elegant design, and he strives to achieve this balance in every project.
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