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Pembrooke & Ives Leadership, Alexia Sheinman

Alexia Sheinman is the Chief Strategy and Brand Officer at Pembrooke & Ives where she spearheads the firm’s marketing, communications, branding, and business strategy endeavors. In this pioneering position, Alexia focuses on nurturing the firm’s overarching vision, fostering an internal culture of innovation, and developing and implementing strategic marketing and public relations campaigns. Her astute guidance has been instrumental in facilitating the firm’s expansion from 35 to over 100 employees.

Initially joining the company as an interior designer, Alexia contributed to several noteworthy projects, including the reading room at the Center for Jewish History, the Glen Oaks Country Club, and a 10,000-square-foot Madison Avenue office space. Her passion for design is fueled by the diverse cultures and environments in which she has lived, including New York, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom. These varied urbanscapes continue to serve as a wellspring of inspiration and creativity for her work. Alexia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Bristol, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from Parsons.