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Melanie Stack is a seasoned interior designer who has worked with Pembrooke & Ives for over a decade honing her expertise in crafting elegant, sophisticated, and unique spaces. Melanie excels in creating environments that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality and is particularly adept in selecting natural stones and interior hardware, elements she expertly integrates to evoke specific moods and enhance the flow of spaces. Her international travels, including visits to Carrara, Italy, and Portugal, further enrich her design sensibilities, ensuring that each project she undertakes is infused with global inspiration and meticulous craftsmanship.

Melanie’s commitment to client satisfaction and excellence extends beyond design; she places a high value on team cultivation and believes that harmony and balance within her team are essential for project success. Her passion for transforming spaces dates back to her high school years. At The New England School of Art & Design, she built a strong foundation of design knowledge and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design as well as the prestigious IIDA New England Design Award in 2011.