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Pembrooke & Ives Hosts Bring Your Child to Work Day


On national Bring Your Child to Work Day, Pembrooke & Ives held a day of festivities as children of our staff learned what their parents do each day. How did we teach them what the role of a designer is? We gave them the tools to become one. After a series of creative activities, our team’s little ones went home understanding the design process, from conceptualization to installation. Some even brought home extra materials to continue flexing their creative muscles.

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What is Interior Design?

The day started with a fun and colorful presentation to answer the question, “What is Interior Design?”. We showcased our boldest and brightest projects to show interior design’s limitless potential.

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We then shared our goal of the day: for each child to create a model of a room. This would include selecting materials, choosing colors, building furniture, and laying out their model to create a space they were proud of.

Materials & Schemes

The group took a tour of our extensive Materials Library and chose different materials for their model spaces. From carpeting and wood swatches, to fabric and stone, the group learned to coordinate samples in a cohesive scheme.

Building Furniture

Our staff graciously volunteered to help the children build small furniture pieces that would be installed in their model room. We offered furniture for all types of spaces in a home, leaving it up to the child to choose the kind of space they wanted to build.

Putting it all together

Finally, the models were ready to come together. Using their selected material swatches, the children were able to cover wall and floor spaces with color and texture. Furniture pieces were then used to create room layouts.

The final result was a model that not only taught children what their parents do for a living, but also how to take a concept of abstract ideas, colors, and textures, and transform it into a three-dimensional space.

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Though we didn’t get a full group photo, one of our participants created a sketch commemorating the day.

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