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Q&A with Aaron Dussair, Executive Vice President

Pembrooke & Ives Leadership, Aaron Dussair


Kansas City


Kansas State University, Bachelor of Architecture

Industry Experience

27 years+

Previous Firms

RTKL Los Angeles
Kerr Meigneux Studios
Procter Wang Architects
Stephen Wang Architects


Residential & hospitality development
Interior renovations
Business development & contract writing

What do you love about architectural design?

I love designing spaces for people with people.


What’s the best part of your job?

It’s so rewarding seeing something go from a scribble to a meticulously built space, and being part of the team and process that it takes to make that happen.


Why did you choose to work in an interiors firm with your architecture degree?

Architecture is conceptual and technical while the interior is all about emotion, texture, feeling, and living. The ability to create spaces that bring all these elements of architecture and interior design together is most exciting to me.


Which is more challenging, new construction or renovation?

Renovations are definitely more challenging. There are pre-imposed boundaries and infrastructure to work around, but we’ll always end up with a great result.

155 East 79th Street - Modern living room of New York condo featuring rounded red sofa, oval stone...
155 East 79th Street, Photography by Evan Joseph

What are some of your favorite brands for architectural lighting?

USAI. They have tunable dimmable lighting which allows us to change the feeling of the space by tuning the color of the space.


What should someone consider when choosing bathroom stone?

Bathrooms are an intimate reflection of a client, so pick something that feels reflective of you. The stone needs to balance beauty, warmth, and practicality.


In a NYC apartment, is your go-to a white wall or using an accent color?

White always works and accent colors can be colorful art with other decorative accessories.

The Chatsworth - Luxury modern kitchen with white marble and gold pendant lighting. Interior design...
The Chatsworth, Photography by William Geddes & Evan Joseph

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