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Pembrooke & Ives Leadership, Stephanie Sarkies

Originally from the Hudson Valley, Stephanie grew up surrounded by skilled artisans in upstate New York. With a family of engineers and builders, she learned about materiality and how to construct furniture at a young age. She attended NYSID, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She currently serves on the thesis panel at NYSID, and mentors students studying interior design. Stephanie has worked with designers such as Laura Bohn, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Victoria Hagan and S Russell Groves.

Stephanie’s knowledge and passion for high-end residential interior design led her to a senior position at Pembrooke & Ives in 2013. Now, with a team of designers under her purview, she serves as a Design Director working on projects in Palm Beach, the Hamptons and New York City. With a strong focus on FF&E, she sources and designs specialty finishes, custom rugs, fabrics, embroidery and furniture to bring each project to life.