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3 Private Members Clubs for an Active and Social Summer


With summer officially kicking off, we’re take a closer look at the stunning transformations of three private members clubs, each meticulously crafted to enhance social experiences and provide a welcoming retreat. Our design team has masterfully infused each project with a unique blend of style and comfort, creating perfect settings for unforgettable summer moments.

East Hampton Golf Club

Our East Hampton Golf Club project epitomizes the quintessential charm of traditional Hamptons architecture, embodying timeless elegance and a welcoming ambiance for its members. The clubhouse design harmoniously blends classic elements, featuring crisp white walls, plush leather and upholstered seating, and exposed wooden beams that together foster a sophisticated, yet comfortable, setting. A thoughtfully curated palette of whites, rich browns, and grays enhance the interior, creating a stylish, high-contrast aesthetic that is both inviting and refined.

Glen Oaks Club

Our Glen Oaks Club project is a masterpiece of clean lines and a neutral palette, designed to offer a serene, yet stylish, retreat for its members. The minimalist approach emphasizes open spaces, natural light, and understated luxury, making it a perfect sanctuary for relaxation and socializing. The extensive outdoor patio and indoor dining spaces provide idyllic settings for members to unwind after a round of golf. The design invites members to linger, enjoy the company of friends, and savor the tranquil surroundings, highlighting the club’s commitment to creating a beautiful and welcoming environment.

High Ridge Country Club

The High Ridge Country Club blends traditional architectural elements with modern furnishings, creating an ambiance of refined elegance. The vaulted ceiling in the main room, accentuated by a skylight, floods the space with natural light, to impart an open, airy atmosphere. A neutral color palette and contemporary design elements create a serene and sophisticated environment. Though expansive in scale, the furniture layout creates spaces conducive to smaller, more intimate gatherings and conversations. This thoughtfully designed space encourages a vibrant community spirit, providing an ideal setting for members to connect and unwind.

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