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6 Exquisite Fireplaces That Light Up the Room


Fireplaces, whether bold and dramatic or understated and elegant, enhance the character and charm of any room. As focal points of style and function, they imbue spaces with comfort, beauty, and warmth. Explore our latest projects to see how well-crafted fireplaces can transform a room into a stunning, cohesive design. 


Ritz-Carlton Residence Lobby

Our recently completed Ritz-Carlton Residence Lobby features a dramatic 14-foot custom black marble fireplace. Upon entering the lobby, you are greeted by the centerpiece, which gently reminds you to relax and unwind. The striking fireplace stands out against the soft, neutral tones of the wood-paneled walls and stone floors. The incredible width creates an impactful design feature and helps guide the eye along the narrow lobby.

East Hampton Golf Club, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo
East Hampton Golf Club, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

East Hampton Golf Club

The incredible fireplace featured in our East Hampton Golf Club creates a floor to ceiling statement. The custom piece, made of stone slab, is minimal and monolithic in its design. Its smooth blue-gray finish adds a sense of calm and serenity to the room and is a beautiful contrast against the brown leather upholstery. The piece divides the room into two cozy and elegant communal spaces perfect for socializing or relaxing after a round of golf.

Red Mountain, Photography by JC Buck

Red Mountain

The custom corner fireplace in the bedroom of our Red Mountain project is a great example of how to address a spacial constraint creatively. Building the fireplace out from the corner is an excellent way to maximize space. This placement centers the firebox on the wall and creates a cozy spot for a chair and ottoman while being close enough to warm the bed. The room’s palette has been kept neutral, allowing for texture to create visual differences. The soft white stone of the mantle contributes to the warm and inviting ambiance of the bedroom.

Willoughby Way, Photography by David O. Marlow
Willoughby Way, Photography by David O. Marlow

Willoughby Way

The Willoughby Way project is nestled into the lush mountains of Aspen, Colorado. At the center of the living room, a mantle reaches up to the beams of the vaulted A-line ceiling. The design of the grand stone fireplace reflects the enormity of the peaks and the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The fireplace functions as a dividing wall separating two communal areas: the living and dining rooms.

Cycladic Villa - A Scandinavian-inspired bedroom with modern touches. Interior design by Pembrooke...
Cycladic Villa, Photography by Ricardo Labougle

Cycladic Villa

The airy bedroom of our stunning Cycladic Villa showcases a minimalist fireplace design. The curvature and white plaster finish are traditional elements of a Cycladic fireplace, while the clean contours add a touch of modern sophistication. The paired back silhouette harmonizes perfectly with the room’s airy, serene aesthetic, blending timeless elegance with contemporary flair.

West Side Elegance - Pembrooke & Ives - West Side living room design with teal accent chairs, decorative...
West Side Elegance, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

West Side Elegance

The fireplace in our charming Upper West Side apartment matches the traditional English style that is carried throughout the space. The fireplace and gilded mirror atop it form one show-stopping focal point in the grand living room. The Carrera marble mantle is perfect for grounding and balancing the decorative mirror. The mirror, in turn, brings brightness and levity to the space, expanding the space and accentuating the ceiling height.

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