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3 Interiors for the Modern Art Collector in All of Us


Collecting modern art is a passion of many of our clients. From world-famous artists to rising stars, showcasing modern art in a home is great way to bring color, composition, and focus to a space in an impactful way. We’re sharing 3 of our interior projects that will captivate the modern art collector in all of us.

Uptown Eclectic

Our Uptown Eclectic project is a fun and energetic study in color and pattern. The home’s living room features a cream and burgundy color palette with pops of brighter tones, accented with a collection of modern art. Flanking the fireplace, we carved out niches in the wall that display works by Josh Sperling. On the wall opposite, a piece by Theodora Allen offers blue soft hues. The blue accents are carried over to the adjacent dining room, with a custom ceramic wall installation by Peter Lane.

Ocean-front Compound

This historic Palm Beach home is anything but dull, with modern art around every corner. The Ocean-front Compound‘s family room features bold, graphic works by Julian Opie. Pops of color from the framed Kaws‘ in the main hall flank the dining room entry. In the living room, high gloss lacquered teal walls are complemented by a painting by Milton Avery, bringing cohesion to the space. Similarly, artwork by George Condo inspired the saturated magenta used throughout the primary bedroom. Finally, the otherwise all-white stairwell is lined with a series by Vik Muniz, creating a rainbow of color as one descends.

Colorful Collector’s Abode

Our Colorful Collector’s Abode is a haven for modern art that makes a bold statement. While the entire home is an homage to both established and up-and-coming artists, the living room offers a large canvas to inject art into all corners. From custom commissions by Elizabeth Neel and Misha Kahn, to sculpture installations by Kader Attia and wall art by Tracey Emin, the space offers a bright, yet thoughtful display of art that becomes a comfortable, habitable gallery.

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