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4 Interiors with Curved Staircases


Staircases can take on many shapes and sizes. While they serve a very functional purpose, wherever we have the opportunity, we love to make these architectural features a striking moment.

West Village Penthouse

The tightly-curved staircase in our West Village Penthouse brings a sculptural element to the space. Mimicking a twisted ribbon, the staircase was designed with solid glossy white rails and underside that required 10 on-site applications of a high-gloss oil paint to achieve an elevated surface treatment. Fume-finished and cerused rift white oak treads offer a contrast in finish and texture. The stairs wrap around an illuminated sculpture by Jeff Zimmerman featuring brass and handblown glass to bring visual height to the space.

155 East 79th Street - Curved white marble staircase of New York condo with dark contrasted railing....
155 East 79th Street, Photography by Evan Joseph

155 East 79th Street

Taking a more transitional approach, the staircase of 155 East 79th Street offers incredible elegance and timelessness. The stone floor extends upward to become the stair treads, making for one cohesive entry hall. It ascends with step lights for visibility and safety, and is adorned with a wrought iron railing to lead the eye upward in a gentle curve.

Historic West Palm Beach

The entryway of our Historic West Palm Beach project opens to a grand curved staircase with rounded architectural elements original to the home’s Art Deco design. The seafoam terrazzo green stairs and wrought iron railing circulates a vintage brass chandelier that spans the two floors. On the top level, a circular landing follows the shape of the staircase, chandelier, and domed ceiling for a harmonious design.

East Hampton Golf Club

The fully custom staircase of the East Hampton Golf Club showcases a luxurious mahogany wood tread with a leather-wrapped banister for a beautifully tactile experience. The golf club authentically holds onto traditional Hamptons architecture and incorporates elevated touches like rich wood finishes, crown molding, and wood ceiling beams.

While curved staircases may require more planning and expertise to build than straight staircases, their unique design and space-saving benefits make them a worthwhile investment for those looking to add elegance and sophistication to their project.

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