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5 New York City Entryways That Make a Statement


The entryway of a home is your moment to make a strong first impression and to set the tone for everything that is to come beyond. The design of these spaces can either be a standout moment or blend seamlessly into the textures and finishes that carry throughout the home. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite New York City entryways that each show their own personality.

Glamour on Park - Luxury entryway with black, white, and gold color scheme. Interior design by...
Glamour on Park, Photography by Costas Picadas

Glamour on Park

A classically sophisticated New York City entryway, our Glamour on Park project uses neutral tones with luxe finishes. White walls, geometric stone floors with inset metal, and lacquered black doorways and trim give the entryway a high-end modern aesthetic. A brass ceiling fixture by Gaspare Asaro and a vintage console table bring warmth to the space as an inviting opening into the rest of the home.

Central Park Tower - Pembrooke & Ives A luxe entryway in New York, NY. Interior design by Pembrooke...
Central Park Tower, Photography by Evan Joseph

Central Park Tower

The entryway of this model unit at Central Park Tower is dark and moody, standing starkly in contrast with the bright and open views of the 43rd floor apartment beyond. The entry features custom plaster wallcovering accented by soft splashes of warm light, luring visitors through the doorway with an illuminated wall sculpture. 

Classical Park Avenue - Park Avenue entryway featuring metallic console table and modern wall scones...
Classical Park Avenue, Photography by Costas Picadas

Classical Park Avenue

The entryway of the Classical Park Avenue project evokes an elevated design through clean, white walls paired with sumptuous metal finishes. A pair of hammered brass sconces by Hervé van der Straeten are installed over a full-height mirror to make the compact New York City entryway feel more expansive. A console by Ralph Pucci, featuring polished bronze legs and blackened bronze top, reflects in the mirror to give even more depth to the vestibule.

Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre - Pembrooke & Ives Entry hallway of luxury New York home featuring large...
Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre

Taking inspiration from the interiors of high-end yacht design, our Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre project has an all-encompassing lacquered wood entryway complemented by a lacquer, rosewood, metal, and gold leaf Patrick Fourtin mirror. Large-scale modern artwork creates a striking and graphic focal point while closets are concealed with inset handles and integrated doors.

Colorful Collector's Abode, Entryway, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo
Colorful Collector's Abode, Entryway, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

Colorful Collector’s Abode

Whimsical and playful in its creation, the entryway of the Colorful Collector’s Abode offers visitors a geometric rainbow console by Hervé van der Straeten and an Andy Warhol 3D-printed vase beneath a modern glass chandelier by Jeff Zimmerman. These contemporary pieces are contrasted with the classical architectural details such as the crown molding and trim.

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