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Popular Amenities for a Luxury Home


Home amenities continue to grow in demand even as we have emerged from a time when the world stayed inside. During the pandemic, many realized how important it is to be comfortable at home, both while working and playing. As these amenity spaces continue to increase in popularity, we’ve gathered some of our favorites that we have designed for our clients.

Willoughby Way - Luxury transitional movie theater & lounge area in Colorado retreat. Interior...
Willoughby Way, Photography by David O. Marlow

Home Theater

Our Willoughby Way project in Aspen features a home theater ideal for entertaining larger groups  family members and house guests alike. Dark wood finishes paired with chocolate brown textiles make the space feel cozy, while dimmable lighting helps set the mood. Automated blackout shades let the natural light flood in for daytime lounging or bring the space to darkness to be immersed in the full theater experience.

Red Mountain - Wood slatted sauna with glass wall and door in Red Mountain vacation home. Interior...
Red Mountain, Photography by JC Buck

Home Sauna

Tucked away in the Aspen mountains, our Red Mountain project features a contemporary home sauna. The architectural form is clean and modern, complemented by warm integrated lighting and enclosed behind a wall of glass. The space feels open, comfortable, and luxurious.


One of our most popular requests from clients is a home bar. Whether inset into a nook or a free-standing unit, the home bar can be a sophisticated focal point for a room and a welcome amenity for entertaining. In each project, we take a fully custom approach to create a cohesive bar design within a space. Bars can be installed with appliances like wine fridges and ice machines, or simply with cabinetry for storage. Integrating lighting into shelving or around the bar helps to illuminate bottles and glasses for a unique, special moment.

Willoughby Way Home Gym, Interior Design by Pembrooke & Ives, Photography by JC Buck
Willoughby Way Home Gym, Photography by JC Buck

Home Gym

A home gym offers the flexibility to workout anytime and with an unmatched level of privacy. Our Willoughby Way project showcases a fully equipped space with all the bells and whistles for exercising. Though home gyms often get tucked away in basements or secondary spaces of the home, there are still ways to make them enticing places to spend time. In this example, the cove and linear ceiling lighting offer flexibility to make the space brighter for intense workouts, or more dim for yoga and meditations. Floor to ceiling mirrors help to make the room feel more spacious and open by reflecting the light and expanding the area beyond its four walls.

Townhouse - Basketball court in New York townhouse featuring galss pitched ceiling and light wood...
Townhouse, Photo by Evan Joseph

Home Basketball Court

Nestled in our Townhouse project in New York City exists the unexpected: an indoor basketball court. The glass roof provides plenty of daylight while offering a temperature-regulated space sheltered from the elements. Hidden doors make the court seamless all the way around and the double height room offers an expansive quality within which to play.

Ocean-front Compound - Outdoor tennis court in coastal ocean-front luxury estate. Design by Pembrooke...
Ocean-front Compound, Photography by Kris Tamburello

Outdoor Tennis Courts

Along coastal Palm Beach, our Ocean-front Compound project features an outdoor tennis court to encourage guests to enjoy the tropical climate. The courts are thoughtfully lined with trees and greenery to give relief from the heat while optimizing privacy.

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