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FAQ: How to Tastefully Mix Patterns

By: Jessica Iwaniec

Patterns are a great way to bring personality and texture to a space. They can set the tone for a lively, energetic and dynamic design through color, shape, scale, and composition. We often are asked how to tastefully incorporate multiple patterns in a space, so we turned to our expert Design Director, Jessica Iwaniec.

A great case study project for successfully layered patterns is the Uptown Eclectic residence. The client was a family looking for a unique design for their New York City apartment. Utilizing differing patterns that are variations of the same colorway is a technique we used to achieve a cohesive design.

We did color studies of lighter and darker shades of reds and creams paired with natural textures to create a soothing space. For this project in particular, we layered vintage and new pieces in a way that felt curated but still comfortable and functional as a living space.

We used the same technique in the kids’ playroom. Using the bold-patterned wallpaper as a jumping off point, we pulled out the warm amber color and looked at it on the color wheel. We referenced nearby lighter and darker shades, and ended up sourcing beautiful carpeting that incorporated those shades. We layered several rugs on top of each other for a whimsical approach to adding texture and comfort while feeling cohesive with the surroundings.

Lakefront Home - Living room with navy blue sofa, textured rug, and modern art. Interior design...
Lakefront Home, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

Our Lakefront Home living room has a bold geometric patterned drapery that integrates into the space by pulling from the same color palette as the rest of the space. The pattern in the rug and the gallery wall of art pulls together beige, blue, and ivory tones that makes the space feel really cohesive. It’s lively without being loud, and calm without being boring.

Ocean-front Compound - Modern living room in ocean-front compound. Interior design by Pembrooke...
Ocean-front Compound, Photography by Kris Tamburello

The Ocean-front Compound’s¬†cozy family room pulls together tan, black, teal, and gold in a very thoughtful way. Drawing from the influence of a Moroccan theme throughout the home, this room features distinct yet complimentary patterns in the carpet design, the tiled-accent wall, and the sofa upholstery. Paired together they create a bright, warm and fun space with a sophisticated aesthetic.

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