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4 Bold Wallpapers with Big Personalities


Clients want to bring a unique personality into their homes. One way our designers achieve this is through the specification of a bold, graphic wallpaper that makes a strong impact. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite projects that showcase the use of wallpaper in this way.

Leonard Street - Home office and desk space with white desk and shelving with accent wallpaper...
Leonard Street, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

1. Leonard Street

Our Leonard Street kids’ bedroom features a bright wallpaper of pink dots that sits behind floating shelving for the homework desk. The whimsical pattern is complimented by the drapery that has a similar motif of pink pom-poms while the powder blue carpet acts as a stark contrast for the pink accents.  

Tribeca Loft, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo
Tribeca Loft, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

2. Tribeca Loft

The wallpaper in the powder room of Tribeca Loft features a gold metallic starburst that plays with composition in the space. Its charcoal, moody tone creates an intimate feeling while the oversized backlit vanity mirror reflects the starburst pattern to offer a pleasant focal point as the visitor walks through the door. 

Uptown Eclectic - Pembrooke & Ives - Eclectic double desk office space with artistic wallpaper,...
Uptown Eclectic, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

3. Uptown Eclectic

A true example of unique wallpaper with personality is the children’s playroom in Uptown Eclectic. Its striking graphic and warm tones complement the wood in the floating shelves and desk while the ebb and flow of waves keeps the eye moving around the space. 

Red Mountain - Children's bedroom of Red Mountain vacation home with medium wood-toned bunk beds...
Red Mountain, Photography by JC Buck

4. Red Mountain

Bold wallpaper is used in a unique and unexpected way in the Red Mountain bunk room. Rather than its typical wall application, the graphic constellation pattern is installed on the ceiling accented by decorative chandeliers. Despite the large scale of the room, the wallpapered ceiling creates a sense of intimacy and gives the feeling that one is in their own little universe in this playful space.

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