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Material Focus: Marble

By: Maria Goudovitch
Left – Statuario Nero Marble, Right – Calcatta Monet Marble
Left - Statuario Nero Marble, Right - Calcatta Monet Marble

Formed from limestone through pressure and heat, marble is an industry favorite for use throughout the home. Praised for holding its value more than any other stone, marble can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns – so wide, that no two slabs are identical.

Calacatta Monet Marble
Calacatta Monet Marble

Exploring Marble

Marble offers a way to bring a unique personality to your space. Opting for the subtle veins and neutral tones of Calacatta Lincoln can make a project feel clean and bright, while stones like Calacatta Borghini, Creccia Capraia, and Calacatta Monet can have higher contrast and richer colors to evoke impressionist pieces of art.

Artificially Dyed Stone
Artificially Dyed Stone

The material does require regular upkeep. Marble countertops should be sealed up to 4 times a year to keep stains from penetrating its naturally absorbent surface.

The slab shown here embraces the permeable quality of the material. The manufacturer soaked it in dye to enhance its already unique personality for a stunning, impactful result.

Marble vs Quartzite

For a lower maintenance alternative, one can opt for quartzite. Hard, strong, and incredibly resistant to scratches and stains, quartzite continues to grow in popularity in households and commercial spaces.

While quality marbles mostly come from Mediterranean regions, quartzites are quarried in the Americas. Formed when sandstone quartz grains are pressurized, heated, and fused together, quartzite combines the benefits of marble and granite in one material.

The ever-popular marble is best utilized in kitchen counters and backsplashes, bathroom walls, floors, vanity tops, fireplaces, and bars. It can be installed in large slabs, tiles, or mosaics to play not just with the material itself but also with the geometries.

About the Author

Maria Goudovitch is a classically trained Architect from Europe with a Master’s degree in Civic Architecture and Urban Planning. She found her passion in the intricacies of Interior Architecture. Maria has completed a variety of projects in development, residential, hospitality, retail, corporate, and even religious sectors, giving her the ability to create a range of solutions for any type of client program. Maria strives for an intricate balance in each space she designs, where form meets function and art meets utility.

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