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3 Bathrooms with Modern Tubs to Envy

212 Fifth Avenue - White and great stone bathroom with modern double vanity sinks and bathtub cove....
212 Fifth Avenue, Photography by Evan Joseph

1. 212 Fifth Avenue

Our 212 Fifth Avenue project features an oval white porcelain tub that nestles snugly into its own nook. While in keeping with the bathroom’s monochromatic palette, the curvature of the tub contrasts the otherwise rectilinear space to soften visual lines.

Modern Mountain - Modern bathroom design with white squared tub and dark wood cabinetry. Interior...
Modern Mountain, Photography by Brent Moss

2. Modern Mountain

Surrounded by the picturesque mountains of Aspen, our Modern Mountain project required simple, clean lines to keep the scenery as the focal point. In this bathroom, materiality became key to bringing subtle luxurious elements to the forefront, including the custom oversized tub surrounded by panoramic views.

Historic West Palm Beach - Chrome luxury tub with metal and opaque glass wall sconces. Interior...
Historic West Palm Beach, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

3. Historic West Palm Beach

The bathroom of our Historic West Palm Beach project features a custom stainless steel oval tub that echos the adorning metallic wall sconces flanking the picture window. The curvature of the tub parallels the rounded edges of the wall behind for a cohesive and sophisticated aesthetic.

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