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4 Jewel-Toned Sofas in Modern Living Rooms

Lakefront Home - Living room of Palm Beach, FL home with royal purple sofa, beige accent chairs...
Lakefront Home, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

1. Amethyst Purple in Lakefront Home

A bold amethyst purple sofa was chosen in the Lakefront Home project to pop amidst the surrounding gold, cream, and black palette of the living room. The deep jewel tone brings a luxurious depth that is warm and inviting while evoking sophistication and glamour.

Uptown Eclectic - Pembrooke & Ives - Eclectic living room with red maroon sofa, wood coffee table...
Uptown Eclectic, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

2. Wine Red in Uptown Eclectic

A wine-red velvet sofa is paired with layered, vintage carpets and a wooden Francesco Perini coffee table in the Uptown Eclectic living room. The space boasts of excitement and life with contrasting red and blue tones, metallics paired with soft forms, and a whimsical aesthetic grounded in luxury.

Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre - Pembrooke & Ives Modern living room with blue sofa and large-scale...
Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

3. Ocean Blue in Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre

The sectional blue sofa in the Fifth Avenue Pied-a-Terre brings rich color into a calm backdrop palette of neutral greys. A deep hue such as this offers a timeless way to incorporate color into a living space.

Central Park Tower - Pembrooke & Ives A modern luxury living room overlooking Centeral Park, New...
Central Park Tower, Photography by Evan Joseph

4. Coral Red in Central Park Tower

For a bright and airy aesthetic such as the living space in Central Park Tower, the pair of coral red sofas bring in a pop of color to enliven the space. The velvet texture paired with the changing daylight renders the sofa in varying hues over the course of the day.

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