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Case Study of Historic West Palm Beach

Historic West Palm Beach - Luxury home front facade in Palm Beach, FL. Design by Pembrooke & Ives....
Historic West Palm Beach, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

The Historic West Palm Beach home boasts of art-deco form and detailing, a signature architecture of its location.

The entry foyer of the home features a beautifully proportioned room lined with a series of archways and windows that mirror this form. The original detailing and terrazzo floor were preserved during the renovation, and a contemporary chandelier made of hundreds of small bulbs was installed to illuminate the space with grandeur.

The stair landing now flaunts a stunning two-story vintage brass chandelier spanning the height of the original, curved staircase. The flooring was updated with a nautical-inspired design, but much of the architectural character was preserved throughout the home to reflect the art-deco aesthetic reminiscent of historical West Palm Beach.

The original kitchen and dining room were combined into one large room for a complete reimagining of the space for a contemporary lifestyle. The seafoamgreen glass backsplashes are contrasted with the polished stainless-steel cabinets and black granite floors making for a striking, high impact room.

The previously cold and under-utilized living room is warmed by an intimate seating arrangement using color and curvature to complement the architectural detailing.

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