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5 Productive & Modern Home Office Spaces


The concept of a home office is growing in popularity, with more dedicated spaces created for privacy and productivity as the workplace navigates a hybrid model. Having a purposeful space to work can help keep you focused on the tasks at hand, but the design of that space is just as important as what you do there.

Red Mountain - Home office of Red Mountain vacation home with wall-mounted working desk and wooden...
Red Mountain, Photography by JC Buck

1. Red Mountain

The Red Mountain home office, located in Aspen, takes inspiration from the stunning landscape in both color and texture. There is a seamless continuation of the wood from the floor that carries up the wall to carve out this office nook. The cantilevered desk and custom shelving above create this simple yet efficient working space.

2. Classical Park Avenue

A light and airy home office in our Classical Park Avenue project boasts ample daylight and a stunning cityscape beyond. The custom high-gloss white desk is designed to fit perfectly into this niche, with the same finish carrying up and over onto the walls and ceiling. Clear acrylic and chrome hardware keeps the desk refined and luxurious without distracting the eye.

Classical Park Avenue - White modern home office and vanity space on Park Avenue featuring golssy...
Classical Park Avenue, Photography by Costas Picadas
Leonard Street - Home office and desk space with white desk and shelving with accent wallpaper...
Leonard Street, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

3. Leonard Street

Kids need a workspace too! This Leonard Street office brings youthful energy in a playful way. The colorful wallpaper serves as the backdrop to the white floating shelves and side-by-side desks that create a perfect symmetry and a space where homework may feel less arduous.

West Village Penthouse - Pembrooke & Ives Home office of New York apartment featuring bright orange...
West Village Penthouse, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

4. West Village Penthouse

The home office in our West Village Penthouse is full of luxurious details. The custom cantilevered desk is wrapped in an orange leather for a pop of color, while the walls are upholstered in a grey fabric to make the space feel soft and acoustically insulated. The custom stainless steel shelves and David Weeks chandelier bring a level of sophistication to make for a glamorous and productive space.

Uptown Eclectic - Pembrooke & Ives - Eclectic double desk office space with artistic wallpaper,...
Uptown Eclectic, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

5. Uptown Eclectic

This Uptown Eclectic home office showcases graphic wallpaper by Gracie Studio as a backdrop to a custom open bookcase design. Organic waves and warm tones bring casual elements to the space, prompting creativity and inspiration.

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