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Make-Shift Home Office Basics

Uptown Eclectic - Pembrooke & Ives - Eclectic double desk office space with artistic wallpaper,...
Uptown Eclectic, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

1. Style

Create a home office space that both inspires you and helps you focus. Find the little things that bring you joy and arrange them around you. A favorite candle, a small blooming plant, a stack of beautiful books, a framed photo, your favorite pens. This makeshift workspace should feel like it captures your personality and gives you peace of mind to get your work done.

Quick tip: Don’t clutter but do create.


2. Comfort

We’re big believers that one should never have to sacrifice comfort for design. The best design is that which seamlessly blends the two. Your home office should feel comfortable and clean. Whether at the kitchen counter, dining table or office desk, clear the surface off of anything that is not serving you and match the table height with the most comfortable chair you can find.

Quick tip: Only have a wood or metal chair? Bring a cushion along too.

West Village Penthouse - Pembrooke & Ives Home office of New York apartment featuring bright orange...
West Village Penthouse, Photography by Genevieve Garruppo

3. Light

Light can make or break the ambiance of your work environment. Brightness is key to productivity. If your home office doesn’t get enough natural light, bring in a table or floor lamp over from another room.

Quick tip: Adjust the light level throughout the day according to the weather and time of day.


4. Color

We naturally react to colors in many ways, which is different for everyone. Neutrals are calming for some and dull for others, bright colors are energizing to some and overwhelming to others. Take a moment to decide what color gives you inspiration for the day and build your home office to suit, whether using that color pen or wearing that color outfit!

Quick tip: Rotate your color story. Neutrals on days of deep focus, brights on days of Zoom calls.

5. Design

Design a routine that keeps you focused and minimizes distraction. When you’re in your chair wherever you are then you are in your office. When you stand up, you are taking an intentional break.

Quick tip: Create a daily calendar that makes you happy to look at, not one you dread or feel overwhelmed by.

Classical Park Avenue - White modern home office and vanity space on Park Avenue featuring golssy...
Classical Park Avenue, Photography by Costas Picadas

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