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Kitchen Trends of 2022

By: Francis Nicdao
Southampton Estate - Pembrooke & Ives - Open & airy kitchen featuring stainless steel triple hood,...
Southampton Estate, Photography by Read McKendree

1. Using Quartzite Countertops

Quartzites are a more sophisticated alternative to Quartz and offer greater character, depth, and pattern to a kitchen, making it one of our top kitchen trends of 2022. We love this material because of its durability; it really can be treated like a workhorse.

Palm Beach Apartment, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson & Carmel Brantley.
Palm Beach Apartment, Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson

2. Amplifying Kitchen Storage

We see a move away from open shelves and having everything exposed in the kitchen. Instead, the trend is towards clever, integrated storage solutions. For example, we have been creating cabinets with sliding doors that sit right on top of counters to conceal spices and other cooking ingredients.


3. Having Extra Outlets

Clients seem to have more and more appliances these days (from air fryers to juicers) so having ample outlets to accommodate these tools is key.

4. Creating Open Floor plans

People are using their kitchens much more than in the past so we see one of the kitchen trends of 2022 being open floorplans. Homeowners enjoy having the kitchen as an extension of the living and/or dining room as it makes the home feel more expansive and offers a secondary, more casual place to eat.

Madison Square Park - Modern kitchen in NYC apartment featuring whote cabinetry, gray backsplash,...
Madison Square Park, Photography by Pieter Estersohn

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